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Increasing ROI on Ads spend from first month. Also, achieved 75 litre sales of milk within 2 months.





Arvind Agro farm is spread over 40 acres, is a diversified  natural farm having year round access to grasslands with  nutritive and natural grasses. 

The milk what we get from our desi cow are very healthy  because the food what they eat daily is natural and even  they get enough time to walk around and digest the food. 


To manufacture the healthiest A2 Desi cow milk in a natural  environment and distribute to the people for their better  health and lifestyle. With a concept of Farm to Home, we  want every household to reap benefits of our pure Desi  Cow Milk and its products


To sell the A2 milk and dairy products whose market value is double the regular milk.

To increase the sale of milk up to 100 litres Daily within 6months.

Required really good and high quality Leads on whatsapp and phone calls.


To help Arvind’s A2 Milk achieve higher brand awareness and reach among target clients. This will help in more inquiries for A2 Milk through phone calls or on WhatsApp. 

To help grow the brand Arvind’s A2 Milk and establish them as a pure and hygiene milk supplier from farm to fridge.

Keys To Success

To position Arvind’s A2 Milk as the brand in Milk and dairy FMCG industry.

To position the Arvind’s A2 Milk in the category of Pure A2 Milk from Farm to Fridge.

To spread awareness about A2 Milk and its benefits for pregnant women or recently born children and for old age people.

Create Social Media campaigns to get maximum engagement among the targeted audience.

Setup Lead Campaigns on Facebook and Google and reach out to the parents of infants and parent of up to 12 years kids.


Increase in sales in 2 months
75 litre sales
Increase in revenue within the allotted time frame.

Increased ROI on Ads spent from the first month. 

 Profit of Rs 2,47,500 in two months.

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