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Timsots accelerated 64% increase in 3D printer sales and services of ARM-INDIA PVT LTD by 2021.




ARM-India is an Organization established in Bangalore to  cater to the increasing needs of the 3D printing, IOT and  Automation industry. Here they have set up a Design and  Manufacturing factory at Bangalore with the infrastructure  to deliver quality products to various customers globally. 


ARM-India has collaborated with Hyrel 3D Inc. of USA to  manufacture the entire range of products made by  Hyrel3D. The vision of the company is to become a World class Center of Excellence in Engineering and  Manufacturing 3D Printing machines and also cater to the  increasing needs of 3D printing services in the Industry.



Low engagement, followers and visibility on social media channels.

There was very low awareness of DFAM and multiple material prints with single machine online.

Required really good and high quality Leads from Industry and Academia


Revenue acquisition and growth: To promote 3D printing sales and services to manufacturing industries, medicine manufacturing industries, marine and aerospace industries, and foster growth in ERP’s in the process. 

Maintaining a high QMS ranking. Promote services with elevated pitch to drive sales. 

Keys To Success

To position the brand as the pioneers of DfAM manufacturing machines in India and across Asia.

To position the ARM-India as the main brand that can print almost all materials with multiple extruders single single bed machine.

To spread awareness about multipurpose printing machine that can be used by any industry including to manufacture bio tissues in medicals.

Setup Lead Campaigns on Linkedin and Google and reach out to Business Owners, CEO’s, CXO,s and Managing Directors across industry.


Increase in sales and services by 2021
3D Printer 64%
Growth in Business revenue
Financial Growth by 30 Cr.

Growth in Academia Clients like IITs, NITs, IGTRs (across India).

South Asia Pacific Sales increased due to awareness. 

Sold machines to largest manufacturing industries like TATA Motors, Mahindra, Skoda etc.

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